Can I Change My Last Name To My Maiden Name Without Getting A Divorce?

Can I Change My Last Name To My Maiden Name Without Getting A Divorce?

“Is it possible to revert back to my maiden name without getting a divorce?” That’s a fairly common question from women who are separated but not legally divorced.

Separated couples who find the divorce process too complicated or maybe too expensive, often choose to remain separated. There are also non-separated women who regret taking their husband’s name, perhaps out of dislike and wish to change their last name back to their maiden name.

Key points for non-divorced women seeking to revert back to their maiden name are:

  • If you are seeking to change your name back to your maiden name keep in mind that the laws concerning name changes are governed by state law (most states have similar name change laws)

  • The documents you need to change will include your passport, driving license, car insurance, medical and dental records, and your bank and any card issuers.

  • In order to change your last name back to your maiden name on documents such as your passport and driver’s license, you will need to show proof of your name change.

  • When you got married, you most likely did not legally change your name, but instead used the marriage certificate as proof of your name change. Therefore, you are still entitled to be known as your prior name.

  • You may need to show the link between your maiden name and married name in order to change certain documents (passport, driver’s license,etc). In order to do this you can provide your birth certificate (which will show your maiden name) and your marriage certificate (which will show your married name).

  • If you legally changed your last name when you got married, you are unable to assume use of your maiden name and will have to consider a legal name change.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that during this process you will have to pay a fee for any charges in regards to issuing a new passport, license, and any other cards.

  • If you are avoiding getting a divorce and remain separated instead for belief a divorce is too expensive or too complicated, you may be wrong. Putting off a divorce to a later date,  may be more troublesome  in the long run .

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